Cookery lessons

The Cookery Coach offers you one-to-one or small group (two or three students) cookery lessons in the comfort of your own kitchen. Lasting either half a day (4 hours) or a full day (8 hours or more), these lessons can cover the basics of cooking, sharpen up your skills, or introduce you to new recipes and techniques.

Individually designed around your needs, schedule and existing skill level, The Cookery Coach lessons can be relaxing, challenging, or even make an unusual gift for a friend. The following are just a few suggestions of lessons that The Cookery Coach can provide:

  • Student survival - a basic introduction to student cooking on a budget (whole day).
  • Back to basics - ten basic techniques to build your confidence in the kitchen (whole day).
  • Sunday lunch - a traditional three-course Sunday lunch, based around the roast of your choice (half day).
  • Soups and leftovers - how to make great stock, then create mouth-watering dishes, from the bottom of the fridge or the veg basket (whole day).
  • Roasts - three different traditional roasts, two of which can be frozen for later (half day).
  • Stews and casseroles - a variety of traditional (and modern) one-pot meals (half or whole day).
  • Dinner party - a full, four-course, dinner party, that you can serve to friends at the end of the day (whole day).
  • Puddings - five traditional puddings, four of which can be frozen or chilled for later (half day).
  • Sauces - five sauces, that you can serve with a range of dishes (half day).
  • Catch, cook, eat - a three-course meal based on seasonal fish and game, and foraged accompaniments (whole day).
  • Coping with vegetarians - how to serve interesting and varied food to vegetarian friends and family (whole day).
  • Pasta - five pasta-based recipes, to widen your repertoire (whole day).
  • Rice - getting creative with this 'boring' staple (whole day).
  • Farmers' market roulette - start the day with a visit to a local market, then cook whatever you buy (whole day).
  • Whatever! - you decide what you'd like to learn (half or whole day).
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